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Build an email and data base in seconds with SonarList.io

πŸš€ Fueled by a Spectrum of Proprietary Technologies, Including AI

How it works?

You fill in your target's website and we activate our dozens of proprietary technologies (including AI) to crawl tens of thousands of web pages.
Thanks to this, we obtain fresh, relevant data in real time, which will allow you to get your business off the ground.
One click will be enough for you.
And then you can analyze or export your data.


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Much more than an email finder

πŸ˜” Most email finders are limited.

🚧 They offer access to an outdated or aging database.

😬 Want to fall into spam? Of course not.

πŸ’Έ Most solutions on the market will charge you per unit for the verified email.

At SonarList, it's realtime.
With us, it's included, unlimited.
We scour the web for you, on your behalf.
Hundreds of thousands of emails, in seconds.

Everything is unlimited ♾️, so that the growth of your business is limitless

Most of our colleagues and competitors have chosen to make you pay per use.
A very limiting credit system, pushes you to pay more and more.

At SonarList, our bet is to bet on your success. There is only one way to do this: the unlimited

Whether you are building an email database of 10 people or several hundred thousand, you will never pay more.
Do you want to prevent your emails from ending up in spam rather than in the hands of your future client? U.S. too.

Email validation is included in your basic package.

You don't have to pay anything extra to do better business and prevent your precious lovingly written emails from ending up in the trash.

Bonus: Fair Price. We help entrepreneurs around the world by applying adapted rates.

Data we offer

What data does SonarList.io offer me exactly?

Emails, hundreds of thousands
Lists of employees and their LinkedIn profiles
Semantic analysis of your prospect's company
Social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter)
Area of ​​the activity
What technologies are site uses (Ads, Wordpress, AWS etc)
First name, last name and email of the CEO (or another C-Level)
Age of your target site
Number of backlinks it has (unique, no follows, to home, etc.)

⭐ And much more.


It's as simple as it is powerful, you enter a website address and we launch our dozens of technologies to do the work you would have done in 50 hours or using dozens of paid tools.

It's here: Sign up

Until proven otherwise, yes. If not, contact me on my Twitter: Crom Ramen

Any site you provide, only the data will vary by site. If you're scanning your second cousin's website, obviously we won't find any phone numbers or LinkedIn employees.

It varies from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the target site.

Please see the screenshot section of the SonarList homepage above :)

With a simple click. In the future, we plan to import via Zapier and known CRMs.

They are, as far as possible. That's why we check every email we indicate on many technical points. The goal is to save you time, not waste it.

We do not store any sensitive information about you. Even the payment processor part of the process goes through a trusted third party (Paddle).

Yes, this is what I call an adaptive rate. Even if the original price is really low for such a complete B2B SaaS, it is slightly reduced depending on your country of residence. The goal is simple, to allow anyone, anywhere to have access to a quality tool to grow their business without breaking the bank.

Yes, this is just the beginning of the adventure.

No, the price is already very low on purpose. So there is no free trial, but you can cancel your subscription at any time.

It's very easy, with just a few clicks. You have a dedicated interface to manage your subscription. No justification is required.

If you have a problem, contact me on my Twitter: Crom Ramen

Yes, for many reasons. All-in-one tool, low price, quality data. You can definitely build your freelance business with SonarList.

Yes, especially for agencies that can't stand the hassle of multiplying subscriptions to get the most out of the system. SonarList is easy to use and the data is varied enough to be a great asset to your agency.

If you have targets that have websites, yes. That's the prerequisite. If so, you will be surprised by the amount of data we can get. It will definitely make your prospecting and deal signing easier.

The more data you have on your target, the easier it is to prospect and close deals. The better you understand your prospect, the more personalized your discussions will be. This is where SonarList becomes a powerful ally in your prospecting.

Of course, whether it's for an assessment of your current situation, an audit, a pre-audit, or for monitoring your own web visibility, the possibilities are numerous.

Of course, whether it's for an assessment of your current situation, an audit, a pre-audit, or for monitoring your own web visibility, the possibilities are numerous.

Yes, it has been designed so that a person starting out on the web can use it without difficulty. It's easy to use and the data is readable.

Maybe in the future. For now, the tool is very simple and does not require specific tutorials.

It doesn't compare. Do it if you want, but we focus on our users, not our competitors.

Of course, you analyze the sites you want.

Yes, it is. In fact, it is primarily targeted at freelancers and small businesses.

No, you can't, but you will if you're already thinking about it. So go ahead. Just consider that the price is still low, so to support SonarList evolutions, try to take a subscription each ;)