SonarList Website Details

SonarList Website Details

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Are you curious about the inner workings of a website? 

Want to know how many pages a website has indexed on Google and what technologies power it?

SonarList is your one-stop solution for a comprehensive website analysis on your prospect’s website.

Why You Should Get Your Information From SonarList?

The data we provide is accurate and reliable, with a User Interface that is easy to navigate. You will get all the information you seek at your fingertips without having to waste time and resources on research.

What Information Do We Provide?

Indexed Pages

Indexed pages

SonarList scans through Google’s index to provide the exact number of pages a website has listed. 

Site Age

Site age

We satisfy your curiosity by telling you the exact years, months, and days any website has existed.

Meta Title & Description

Meta Title and description

The title and meta description of the website are listed to give you more insight into keyword structure of the website.

Backlinking Profile

Backlinking profile

SonarList gives you accurate data on the backlinking profile of the website, this data shows the strength of the website. The backlinking information provided includes the following:

  • Number of unique backlinks
  • Number of backlinks
  • Number of links to homepage
  • Number of nofollow backlinks

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

SonarList also provides a link to the Privacy Policy document.

Use Cases

SEO Experts

SEO experts can use the analytics provided by SonarList to build a content strategy for a website. The data on the backlink profile and meta description can be used for competitive analysis because it is accurate. SEO specialists can also pinpoint a particular website’s target keywords by carefully examining the meta titles and descriptions data provided. 

Digital Marketers

Digital marketers can use the data they get from to refine their campaign strategies by analyzing a website’s meta details and backlinks to gain insights into what works best for driving traffic and engagement. It also shows the strength of a website through its indexed pages, 

Business Owners

Business owners can conduct market research by analyzing competitors’ websites to gain insights into backlinks, meta details, and indexed pages, thereby understanding the competition’s strategy better.


What is Backlink Analysis?

Backlink analysis provides information about the websites that link to a site. This is crucial for understanding the site’s authority and for SEO optimization.

What do you mean by Meta Title and Meta Description?

Meta Title and Meta Description are HTML tags that specify the title and description of a web page. These are important for SEO and are displayed in search engine results.

How do you determine Indexed Pages?

Indexed Pages are the number of pages from your website that search engines have indexed. This data shows how much of the content on your website is accessible on search engines.

What is Site Age, and why is it important?

Site Age refers to how long your website has been active. Older sites are often seen as more reliable and may rank higher in search engine results.

How do you analyze a website’s Privacy Policy?

Our tool scans the website for a privacy policy page and provides the link to the page. This shows how a website handles user data.

Can I export the data?

Yes, data export options are available in both CSV and PDF formats.

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